"We wanted to come up with a tequila drink; and since tequila is from Mexico, we wanted ingredients that are wildly used in Mexican Cuisine. We, of course, chose the avocado! I like it because it is refreshing, nutritious, and has a smooth taste."

"I love bourbon and this is a drink I can introduce to many people (particularly women) that is approachable and delicious that wins new bourbon fans across the board. I love using fresh ingredients and a fresh tasting cocktail is what it's all about!"

“Currently, THE RANCH is focused on classic cocktails and putting our spin on them. Using fresh ingredients from our own Heirloom Vegetable Farm on Edwards Ranch Estates. This cocktail falls in line with our current craft cocktail program, using farm fresh ingredients.”

"Making a cocktail is like cooking, the quality of the ingredients makes all the difference.  I chose this drink because this gin uses local botanicals at the distillery, which speaks to the farm-to-table ideal. Also because both the spirits have the amazing herbal profiles I love.  Finally, because it's a delicious hot weather drink."

"I selected the 323 as it was a drink I developed to celebrate the opening of a bar I was involved with in NYC ,called Bar Milano, which was located at 323 3rd Avenue. It was designed to be flexible of fresh ingredients. "

"It’s all about what’s in season. This week at the farmer’s market, its all about apricots. With summer fast approaching I wanted a cocktail that would be respectful of the ingredients at hand. The cocktail is bright and vibrant and oh so refreshing. It's slightly sweet and acidic with great balance."

"I created this cocktail for Ataula as our house mojito variation. Using the sous vide technique, I can extract flavor and color to execute this cocktail quickly, and consistently every time. I took into account that fresh mint and lemongrass are available year round in Portland, so that I would never run into seasonality problems. It's a crowd pleaser, and one of our best sellers."

"This drink is inspired by the base spirit (Ilegal Mezcal) because it is a bit more vegetal and not as smoky as other mezcals. I wanted to craft a drink that would transport imbibers to a fun and vacation mindset when drinking this cocktail, which I made with the combination of lemongrass, pineapple and coconut. The result is a very booze friendly, tiki-esque beverage that has become a top seller."

"This cocktail is absolutely delicious and reminds me of drinking avocado smoothies when I was a kid. Avocado is defiantely an underutilized ingredient. It brings out depth of flavor and contributes a luxurious and velvety consistency.

"I liken produce-spirits pairings to food pairings — but it’s more complex. You want to break down spirits to their flavor essence, then match them with herbs, spices, fruit or vegetables. With that in mind, I created the Kentucky Buck with garden bounty (strawberries & fresh lemon) that complement but also challenge the essential flavors of the spirit (bourbon)."