Look for the THX! label on Red Dragon grapes at Sam's nationwide. You'll help a specific farm worker featured on that label just by this one purchase - no extra money required. Just by buying the fruit you already love. Scan and view the video on the label to learn all about the farm worker you'll be helping. It is a special experience, as you'll see and the dreams might be a laptop for one's children so that they can stay in school, or a table to have as a gathering place for meals, or a stove to cook something hot and healthy. These are simple wishes, and ones that will make all of the difference in the world to this farm worker. Learn all about THX! and how this company is changing the lives of the deserving, hard-working farm workers who work tirelessly to bring the food to the stores we love.

When we think of the Holiday's, we think of FOOD - and because we’re from Farm Star living, we think of FRESH FOOD. So, we thought what better idea for the Holiday's than to have an inspired  tablescape using fresh food?  Plus, we are keeping it simple – and by using just a few things from your local craft store, getting great produce from the grocery store and integrating some Earth elements, you can do this yourself easily and beautifully.

Anyone who's visited a farm before know that the fall is one of the most glorious seasons of all! The harvests, the pumpkins, the corn mazes! Once a year, you can count on these farms sprucing up their fields and designing the most cool mazes you will find right there on their beautiful farm fields. Now's the time to start planning your trip, and we have just the farms for you to choose from, too!

Our FARM FINDER has almost one thousand farms from coast to coast, and we've helped you narrow down your list to some that you won't want to miss! So, check 0ut our Corn Maze line up below!

Potatoes are certainly one of the most versatile vegetables in the produce aisle! You cook them in multiple ways: baked, mashed, roasted, steamed, boiled, grilled, and microwaved but that's not the only reason we're big potato fans. Read on to learn how potatoes can improve your health!

Cut your cooking in time by half tonight! Try any of these recipes featuring mashed potatoes made with real butter, real seasonings and real potatoes - but that only take 7 minutes to make! Sound to good to be true? It's not – it's Minute Mashers™ from Green Giant™ Fresh.

After reviewing all of the beautiful, inspiring and properties you found on our sister site Farm to Wellness Retreats,™ you’re now ready to book that trip, right? Well, then you might need a few fantastic items to help you travel comfortably, healthily and in style. 
We hope that you enjoy these suggestions of seven products that will assist your travels and add to your ‘ahhhhh.’ 

Recently I visited The White Lodge, far from the Cabo fast pace and hidden within the dirt roads at the tip of Baja, Mexico. For an authentic, 'off the grid' and healing experience, this is a must-see. Solar power operated, no TVs but wi-fi, this is a place that sets the stage for renewal … mind•body•spirit. Courtesy of sister website Farm to Wellness Retreats.