"This drink is important because it involves an organic spirit with a wonderful unused spice, Berbere. Berbere has a lot of amazing flavors and mix that with my two favorite citrus', Meyer lemon and Kumquats. I especially like the Meiwa because they are so sweet and juicy and plump!"

"Chartreuse is one on of my all time favorite ingredients and like a recipe that uses it as a base ingredient. This drink is also really cool since it is a stirred cocktail that is also in a highball and it's bright, herbal, and refreshing."

"This drink also now functions as something of a mission statement and a measuring stick for me.  How can we constantly look to refine what [a cocktail] is and how we approach the idea of seasonality?"

Very simple to make for the home bartender and a bit unexpected. Malort definitely has a reputation- I like the way it finds the good in this very “rough around the edges” spirit. Not unlike Bukowski himself.