Health Benefits:

Aids in digestion
Aids in intestinal disorders
Anti aging
Combats fatigue
Helps with insomnia
Improves bone and muscle health
Increases immunity
May reduce stress
Promotes healthy gums and teeth
Relieves sore throat


Serving size: 100 grams; Calories: 79; Fat: 0.2g; Cholesterol: 0mg; Sodium: 3mg; Carbs: 20g; Sugars: 0g; Protein: 1.2g; Potassium: 7%DV; Vitamin A: 0%DV; Vitamin C: 115%DV; Calcium: 2%DV; Iron: 2%DV

Did You Know?

  • Being rich in vitamin C and potassium, jujube helps in fortifying human immune system
  • Jujubes contain compounds that have a sedative effect and can help with insomnia

Ways to Eat:

  • Raw
  • Baked

Farming Trivia:

  • Jujubes are also known as Chinese dates
  • The jujube fruit, the ziziphus jujuba, originated in China

Note: Always consult a physician for any specific health questions and concerns. Some of this information may be subject to change should there be any new findings from Federal Health Administration (FHA), Food & Drug Administration (FDA), American Medical Association (AMA), American Cancer Society (ACS), and / or other leading food, nutrition and medical advisors.