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Imagine the earthy, juiciness of Sunsweet’s D’Noir™ prunes smothered over the crispy on-the-outside and tender on-the-inside, amazing flavor of a pork tenderloin. We have! Make your next dine-in experience rich and savory with our D’Noir™ prune sauce and pork tenderloin recipe. Bon appetit!

Sunsweet's PlumSweets Snack Mix™ recipe is a healthier alternative to traditional mixes that use chocolate chips. This recipe is as savory as it is nutritious!

The JUICI™ from Starr Ranch Growers is a thinner-skinned apple with a texture similar to that of a Honeycrisp, offering a balance of sweet and tart. Use this sleek salad recipe for family gatherings or friendly get-togethers.

The Klondike Rose® potato is standing out with its rose-colored skin and smooth, buttery gold-colored flesh. It is our pick for this month’s cheesy oven bake!

Harvest Sensations Rainbow Carrots are multi-colored stalks of carrots—deep purple, magenta, traditional orange, and lemon yellow. Let our recipe guide you into a veggie romance of sensational ingredients.

This simply elegant recipe features Starkrimson pears, a sweet and juicy pear variety from Starr Ranch Growers, a leading fruit grower, packer, and shipper founded in the heart of Washington’s apple country.

Juicy, homegrown flavor characterizes our Caprese sliders, thanks to Crimson tomatoes from Lipman Family Farms. Vine-ripened and specially grown in Florida, these deep red colored tomatoes are robust and bursting with flavor.

Never tried a pumpkin date duo? It’s a double-dose of health and taste in just one bite! We use the delightfully plump dates from Sunsweet® for most of our bakes. Celebrate fall with this sweet and healthy treat!

We've got the sweetest thing cooking thanks to Sweetie Sweet® onions from Peri & Sons Farms. Our exciting salsa recipe is the perfect fusion of sweet and spicy, so don't forget your chips because you'll want to dip right away.

When you use Litehouse™ Homestyle Ranch Dressing & Dip in a salad, you'll want to get some ranch in every bite! No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives means traditional taste with the added perk of freshness.

CarbSmart™ potatoes are ready to indulge you! This slow cooker recipe brings out the creamy texture and buttery flavor of a potato variety you'll want to regularly keep as part of your diet.

The star of this bake is the Golden Delicious apples from Rice Fruit Company—crispy pastry, warm caramel drizzle, and, if you are feeling particularly jazzy, some vanilla ice cream. We hope you have the noms!