Tens of Thousands of Potato Trials

Behind the scenes, thousands of varieties of potatoes are being tested every year with one purpose - to find the most flavorful, unique and consistently sized potatoes that consumers want.

Potandon, the potato company that brings us Green Giant Fresh and Klondike Brands, has been working in tandem with SunRain Growers, their research and development partner, to assess the different types of potato plants to produce the most exciting, flavorful potatoes to hit the market.

And they deliver.

The opportunity to see how SunRain Growers operates is a real treat as this is where the magic happens.

It all begins with a different potato seedling, which has been tested with non-Gmo methods and then grown in their greenhouses, and then the most compelling of these varieties are then planted into the fields. We are talking tens of thousands of potato plants, by the way.

Here at the farms nestled in by the Idaho valleys and covered by rich, nutrient dense soil, they are supervised, monitored, grown and soon harvested. Then the best of the best is considered by Potandon aka Green Giant Fresh as their next crop of potatoes.

The varieties that are harvested at the test farms are looked at with scrutiny and critically, and the favorites are selected by the most delicious flavor profile, beautiful skins, size and color, and what might be considered to be the most purely delicious and consistent.

In fact, it is the consumers’ preferences that dictate the varieties that are tested and grown so that consumers can have the type of potatoes they most want and desire.

If the varieties under consideration have made the cut on all counts, then they are given the thumbs-up and provided to the other farmers to grow for the Potandon company, via their Klondike and Green Giant Fresh brands.

The selection process isn’t quite over, as the top of the line harvests of these potatoes are then the ones actually selected for market, ultimately what we are finding in the grocery stores and soon to be available for us to enjoy at home.

For more on this process, see our video and look for the newest varieties hitting the market now - Minute Mashers and the One Step … DONE! products. All are delicious, convenient and show what true innovation and meeting consumers’ demands is all about!


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  1. So many vegetables have the lost taste I remember as a child. Since farmers don’t use heirloom seeds and have experimented with them they just don’t taste the same. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with potatoes. I long for a tasty carrot. One that will turn your fingers orange when you peel it but that is no longer the case and is so sad.

  2. Wow! I had no idea that so much care and research went into your products. So glad your company took the time and made the effort to bring us such wonderful products.

  3. I love the taste of the potatoes in garlic and to make shish kabobs I love them on the grill

  4. Potatoes are my favorite food. There are so many ways to use them. Thanks for all of the information on them.

  5. I love boiled potatoes,baked,mashed,fries I add potatoes in my daily diet.And I love the freshness of this potatoes..yumilicios!!!

  6. In love with the variety! No mess cooking BUT still so flavorful! Love that the company is making a wholesome product

  7. I have been your buying the different potatoes , that I microwave right in the package, I love the different varieties and so quick and easy and no messy pan to clean!

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