Enter these farms at your own risk! We've created our own rating system, and we're starting with the scariest first!

Bradley Family Farm

Elmira, NY Our Rating: R

Over 300 years ago on a jet-black, moonless night, a family vanished into thin air at Bradley Family Farm, leaving no traces in sight. For centuries, neighbors have heard noises, which sound like tortured screams, coming from this house of lost souls, but that hasn’t stopped explorers from venturing into the depths of this shadowy void.

Fear Farm

Phoenix, AZ Our Rating: R

Does this not just sum it up in one word - FEAR? As if one haunted house isn't enough, this farm has FIVE! Just to keep you afraid all night long! Choose from ChainSaw Mayhem, the UNDEAD, the Mouth of Madness and more. For the real die-hards, we dare you to then go into the largest corn maze in Phoenix, Arizona. We don't think you could pay us enough! We're scared already.

Schmitt’s Family Farm

Melville, NY Our Rating: R

How do we say this politely? There's a fabulously frightening film that shows you how limbs are dismembered, and it transports you to another world. It sounds horrifying, to say the least. However, people flock here to be scared out of their wits! And then scared throughout the corn maze. I don't see any kiddies coming to this one. If you did, I think someone would be calling child services! Around for 20 years, the Schmitt’s have perfected the haunt!

Thomas Family Farm

Snohomish, WA Our Rating: R

Ready for this one? "The Snohomish Slaughter & Rendering Plant” was built in 1935 by the Thomas brothers, Sam and Dean. It was closed in 1975 when one of the brothers was left of his upper body was never found." Gore, guts, disgusting and terrifying! And if that's not enough, picture this - a scary clown with scars chasing you with a chainsaw! Feel free to enter this lovely establishment at your own peril - and don't take the kids!


Boyette Family Farms

Clayton, NC Our Rating: G/PG/R

Journey into the mysterious Clayton, NC and join in on the Halloween spirit at Boyette Family Farms! During the daytime, you’ll be able to pick pumpkins, play ball toss, milk cows, and much more, but at night - the ZOMBIES come out to play! Clayton Fear Farm transforms into a haunted scream park, where you’ll experience attractions, like the terrifying Fear Farm Academy, the horrific Slaughterhouse meat-processing plant, a dive into a dark abyss, known as the Black Hole, and much more.


Black Island Farms (Nightmare Acres)

Syracuse, UT Our Rating: PG-13

Are you willing to go to Nightmare Acres? We hope you’ll be brave enough, because this Utah farm is where you go to have nightmares, NOT sweet dreams! Get lost in the vast, bone-chilling maze with your friends and family, but BEWARE - even the most spirited of adventurers rarely make it through.

Haunted Carter Farms

Princeton, IA Our Rating: PG-13

Step into a new dimension in this petrifying, Iowa labyrinth. With twisting paths, haunted corn maze, and the living dead all around, we’ll pray that you make it out! If you think that’s too easy for you, test out the indoor maze in 3-D and you’ll definitely get scared out of your mind.

McCall’s Haunted Farm

Moriarty, MN Our Rating: PG-13

Head over to McCall’s Haunted Farm and hop on the blood-curdling Zombie Hunt - but watch out! Throughout the haunted village, you’ll find herds of post-apocalyptic creatures, longing for human flesh. Armed with paintball guns, you’ll (hopefully) be able to fend off this infestation of the living dead!


Roca Berry Farm

Roca, Nebraska Our Rating: G/PG/PG-13

During the day, Roca Berry Farm offers up SO many family-friendly activities, ranging from Bunnyville and Candyland to the Duck Races and Corn Corral. BUT when the sun sets, this Nebraska estate morphs into Roca Scary Farm! Do you think you can make it through The Psycho Path? What about the Zombie Hunt? You SURELY won’t last at this haunted manor!


Pioneer Farms

Austin, TX Our Rating: G / PG

A tradition in Austin, come to Spooky Town and visit fortune tellers and a must-see history show at all ages. Visit Sprinkle Corner Village, where guests will have the chance to venture through the mysterious, haunted trail - but at the hands of the legendary creatures of the night. Test your nerves and experience a night of shocks and surprises, which will keep you trembling at every turn! Be ready to scream! Experience Halloween like nowhere else in Texas!


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