When I took over my family farm, I had no idea what I was getting into. Well, maybe a bit, but only when I started living there and experiencing daily life did I understand in full what farmers have been dealing with for generations.

Days start before the sun comes up. Days end when the work is done. And, when weather is threatening the health of your crops, sometimes you don't stop working until you can't keep your eyes open any longer.

One farmer that I interviewed told me that most people go to sleep with their money safely (hopefully) tucked away in bank accounts, savings accounts, money markets, but instead his money is buried out in a field's dirt. He has to grin and bear it when the weather turns to a drought and is bearing down on cracked earth, barely keeping his 'money' safe in the earth. And should there be rainfall that doesn't ever end, he has to grip his hands in hope that his money now won't wash away. It is a roller coaster of emotions that will happen throughout the year, and only until the year has come to a close will he even know if his money will be returned - with a profit or simply returned at all!

Every year there's one week to celebrate agriculture and our farmers, and this week it begins on March 14th, which is National Ag Day. In honor of Ag Day, I wanted to remind you to get to know our farmers, and here at Farm Star Living, we call them Farm Stars™. In the same way we celebrate chefs and made them into 'stars,' I felt that we should do the same for our farmers. Hence, we call farmers Farm Stars™ here!

Take a moment and get to know what they go through. See in their own words how they experience their career, their challenges, and how they hope you'll better understand what it is that they go through everyday. I think you'll be amazed, inspired and appreciate your food in a way that you never have before.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get diggin'!


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