"The crop in a field is the same thing as money... and you have to sleep at night knowing that you have a lot of money outside!"

AGE: 22
FARM TYPE / CROPS: Corn, soybeans
SCHOOL: ULM, agribusiness


  • Music: George Strait is the KING, Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Garth Brooks, Brooks & Dunn - all those people!
  • Food: Filet Mignon, medium rare. Mexican food and pizza, but of course I love Cajun food like gumbo and etouffee.
  • Drinks: Water, Dr. Pepper, sweet tea, Maker’s Mark, Michelob Ultra.
  • Blue Jeans: Levi’s.
  • Thing to do AFTER work: Ride around, look at things — kind of the same as work because I like to ride around the farm, then drive to downtown Mer Rouge and see who might be there to visit with.
  • Movie Stars: I love any movie that Will Ferrell is in, Adam Sandler, Will Smith — I’m into funny movies. Also love “8 Seconds” with Wayne Frost, the world champion bull rider, plus “Pure Country” with George Strait!
  • Mantra: Whenever things get rough or aren’t going good, I always say, “It’s rough as a corn cob and as long as a railroad.”

How did you get into farming?

I had an opportunity. My dad had some land that was up for rent, and I talked him into letting me start farming it.

What do you think a big MISCONCEPTION is about farming?

Where we are, here in this area, no one has a misconception. If you stay here in Morehouse Parish, people are way different than anyone else in the world. We don’t have much negativity towards agriculture here. The biggest thing is that people in general think that farmers are always making a whole lot of money, which isn’t the case all the time and they don’t understand the risk of farming. They might think that they’re all financially stable and make a whole lot of money, but they don’t understand the risk that you have to take to do it. How easy it can go the other way... you’ll have good years and bad years.

What's your relationship status?

I'm single. My ideal partner would be someone who doesn’t mind being in a rural area, but who also likes being very “social” and yet is happy being “down home.”

Do you have children?


What is your attitude about money?

I’m tight. Money isn’t everything, but it will sure get you uptown where everything is!

Where is the farthest you have traveled? Where would you like to go?

Green Bay, Wisconsin to watch my relative Barry Ruben, who coached for the Packers. I'd like to visit Memphis and Baton Rouge, I like being in the Delta... I don’t even really like to leave the Delta.

If you could meet a few famous people, dead or alive, who would they be?

Number one, I would like to meet Donald Trump, because he is the most honest person that I’ve ever seen in my life. Everyone needs to follow him on Twitter, he’ll tell you the truth. Sometimes he needs to keep his mouth shut, but I like him and want to meet him.

How many acres do you farm? Are you happy with it?

I have recently added some, so about a thousand total acres.

What was the HARDEST part getting started?

Having access to the equipment that I needed to get everything going. I Didn’t have any equipment. A friend of mine helped me out and helped me get started.

What SURPRISED you about farming?

I didn’t realize how much capital it would take to get started. Everything is expensive. FSA will help younger farmers to get started. The Mer Rouge State Bank helped a lot. The main thing is having the land to farm.

What do you LOVE about it?

Raising a crop. Nothing better than riding around in the afternoon and seeing your crop when it is green and growing. A good sense of accomplishment, I feel like a kid.

TELL US ABOUT A DAY ON THE FARM: When does your day start and end?

We start about 7 a.m. My day ends at dark.

What makes you HAPPY in a day on the farm?

When nothing is torn up or broken down, and when everything is running smooth.

What makes you FRUSTRATED?

Whenever you can’t get everything going or something’s not going right. Tractors tearing up, disc bearings go out, flat tires. Stuff of that nature.

What's the BEST part of a day?

Right before dark. When the sun goes down, because it looks so beautiful.

What's the WORST part of a day?

Getting everything greased up in the morning...


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