Meet this 'sweet' sister who helps her family farm organic flowers, foods and more, most of which is then combined into simple syrups that elevate cocktails and desserts alike! Meet Venise and you'll see how this farmer is enjoying the 'sweet' life.

Venise Cunningham

AGE: 36 HOMETOWN: Buckley, WA FARM TYPE / CROPS: Cocktail Farm FARM LOCATION: Buckley, WA FARM NAME: and link: Simple Goodness Farm

Music: Holly Williams
Food: Homemade Mac and Cheese
Drinks: Greyhound with Rhubarb Vanilla Bean Syrup
Blue Jeans: Anything that fits
Thing to do AFTER work: Happy Hour on the farm!
Movie Stars: Julia Roberts
Tractor: Not a tractor but I use my John Deere Gator all the time
Mantra: Feed your Dreams and Starve your Fears

What do you think a big MISCONCEPTION is about (your type of) farming?: We are the only Cocktail Farm so most people have NO idea what that even means! I think the biggest misconception we hear is that a lot of people think you can’t make any money on small acreage.

What's your relationship status? Married

Do you have children? Yes, two ages 2.5 and 6.

What is your attitude about money? You need it but you can’t take it with you.

Where is the farthest you have traveled to? Mexico

Where would you like to go? New Zealand is on my bucket list!

If you could meet a few famous people, dead or alive, who would they be? As a general rule, I don’t find famous people any more interesting than regular people, but I am curious how Amelia Earhart died. I think I would sit down with her and hear her account.

TELL US ABOUT A DAY ON THE FARM: When does your day start and end? My days are never the same! Farming is just a one of the part of what we do at Simple Goodness Sisters so our days vary. Generally, I like to start it with a cup of coffee in the greenhouse after the kids are off to school. I farm around my mom duties so it starts after breakfast and typically ends before dinner time.

What makes you HAPPY in a day on the farm? Being outside digging in the dirt and harvesting our beautiful edible flowers.

What makes you FRUSTRATED? Weeding and aphids!

What's the BEST part of a day? Sitting down with a garden to glass cocktail after a long day

What's the WORST part of a day? I’m not a morning person so that part is the hardest for me.

Do you wear sunscreen? No, but I know I should!

Are you happy with what you farm? Yes!

What was the HARDEST part of getting started? Figuring out what to grow and how to expand.

What SURPRISED you about farming? How long it takes to learn everything, I'm still learning new things each day.

What do you LOVE about farming? Being connected to food in a way so many people are not. Knowing what it takes behind it takes the appreciation to a whole new level.
What lessons have you learned on the farm? To be patient and focus on the long game.
Do you have any advice for fellow starting-out farmers? Everything is expensive so make sure you know how you will finance and scale. My advice is to be realistic about how long it will take to be profitable. Again, focus on the long game.

Anything to say to those who aren’t farmers? Get to know your farmers, they will tell you the real story.

Where do you think you'll be in 5 or 10 years? That’s a tough question. Our business is growing fast but so is our area. Our farm is already small and the farms all around us are being developed so it’s hard to tell.


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