Dieting has become a fad, and people jump from trend to trend as frequently as the months change. Yet, it’s been proven that a balanced, overall nutritious diet is the best for your health in both mind and body. We know massive changes are hard to implement and stick to, which is why we want to bring your attention to three simple ways you can immediately improve your diet.

  1. Conscientious Additions
Achieving a more nutritious diet is as simple as choosing to add a serving of vegetables or fruit to your plate! So, if you’re eating a sandwich and chips for lunch, add a serving of fruit - a banana, a peach, or an apple. To take it up a step, choose a recipe that highlights the fruits or vegetables already in the dish. You can take that sandwich and make it even better by exchanging bread for a wrap and adding more lettuce and tomatoes! If you don’t feel comfortable experimenting, just google search healthy options to whatever you’re cooking already! Finally, you can add better snacks to your grocery list and everyday diet. Why settle for fruit snacks or cookies when you can pick up nuts or avocados? These options are satisfying and better for you overall. In the same vein, you can choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator or park far away to get in more steps. By adding these conscientious decisions, you’re improving the balance of your diet and your health bit by bit!

2. Informed Decisions for “The Perfect Fit”

You’re sold on adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet - great! But where to start? The produce aisle stretches with choice after choice, and you’re not sure what’s best for you. No worries, just check out our FOOD HEALTH guide!There are over 250 fruits, vegetables, spices, and nuts, and they’re all broken done by their nutrition component as well as their health benefits. As you’re prepping for the store, take a moment to consider your current state of being. Are you low on energy? Then, you’ll want food that “combats fatigue” like dates and blackberries. Or, you could try searching for options that “provide energy,” such as apples and bananas. You can rest assured you are receiving quality information, as all our info is verified by cancer and nutrition specialists from Emory Hospital.

3. Stick to It!

The hardest part of changing your diet is the change itself. This is why extreme diets don’t work or eventually fade into the background of your life. The word “diet” does not refer to a temporary way of eating; it is what you choose to eat. Thus, the most important part of a healthier, nutritious diet is sticking to it! Thankfully, we live in a technological age where there’s an app for everything. Keep track of your eating habits by utilizing one of the many tracking apps available. Or, pick up a pocket notebook and keep track with the classic pen and paper option.

Last, but perhaps most important, is to also keep track of your water intake! Save non-water drinks for special occasions or just dinner, and be sure you are consuming the recommended amount of water every day. (Try drinking a half ounce to an ounce of water per pound you weigh.) This becomes easy to achieve if you keep a water bottle with you or in the areas you frequently spend time in!


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