The amazing avocado! Not only are they delicious, but avocados are one of the most nutrient-rich fruits you’ll ever eat, with 20 essential vitamins and minerals in every bite! They can add a healthy pop to your salads, sandwiches, dips, although I enjoy them with some sea salt on buttered toast. Also, baked! Yep - check out our previous recipe of Baked Avocados with Eggs, Ham and Cheese! Yum!
So, considering that they are such a great addition to your diet, they should be on our weekly grocery lists. But, if you’re like me, I often find I’m taking a guess at when it might be ready, how long it’s going to last, and it’s typically hit or miss. So, I called my friends at Mission Produce, as they are leaders in avocado farming and have created an awesome effort to make sure that grocery stores always have ripe avocados within a 24-hour distribution area. Pretty cool! They call it the “Ripe Revolution” so that people can have avocados everyday! Love it.
So, I asked them how do we all make sure the avocados we select are perfect. They said, "It’s easy!"

Check out these three simple tips on selecting the perfect avocado:

1. Push lightly near the neck of the avocado and feel for gentle yield. hands-pressing-231x231-1

2. If you’re still unsure if it’s ready to eat go ahead and ‘pop the stem button’ button-off

3. If the stem button is removed easily then the fruit is likely ready to eat. If it does not come off, the avocado needs a couple more days. button-off Pretty simple, yes? So, now you can find the perfect avocado and bring them home!

But, what to do if you need to help ripen them quickly!
It's simple, you can place them in a paper bag with a banana or apple. How about that when you’re in a jam?! Once ripe, they can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days longer.
Hopefully these healthy tips on avocados were helpful. Thank you to our friends at Mission Produce – keep up the great growing!


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