Recently we at Farm Star Living hosted an amazing event in Atlanta, GA, to celebrate farmers and fresh-food! It was called Product Harvest 2017, and we had some of the most expert food brands in their categories attend.


I have wanted to help connect you all to the people behind the food, and this really gave me that opportunity. Because when you go to a grocery store and walk down the produce aisle, you often see foods and brands and may not really know who those people are or what those brands represent. So often you'll see a label on one of the vegetable packages or fruit packages and think, "Hmmm. A big corporate company!" However, in reality, that label typically represents a farmer owned and operated company, or at minimum a food company that is literally the 'home' to farmers all over the USA, whom without, the farmers wouldn't be able to do what they love to do – farm!


Larger food brands – like Taylor Farms, Wonderful, Foxy, Well•Pict, Hampton Farms – and so many others are the reasons why so many farmers have their jobs today. They actually give an outlet for farmers, so that these often misunderstood folks have the time to do what they need to do (farm). And without these companies being their outlet, farmers would have to figure out the logistics, distribution methods, marketing, etc., that would seriously impede on their precious time. As we all must know by now, farming is a full-time job – and then some!


So, I digress. We all got together at the W Hotel, and these great food companies sampled their foods, got to share their stories, and got to tell the guests a bit about what they do. The thing I love so much about these companies is the passion that they have for providing great food. Like NatureSweet, for example. They are so enthusiastic about every little tomato that they grow! Their whole team is! Greenhouse grown, their tomatoes are supervised from seed to fruition, so to speak! And their motto is #tomatoesrasiedright ... and they are.


It was so much fun for me to be able to have all of these wonderful food brands and representatives with me, to help me enlighten our guests to understand more about how the food is grown, and who the people are who are behind the products.


I always say that 'businesses are people.' And the food companies that I work with are people, too – passionate people growing amazing, delicious, quality products. I couldn't feel more fortunate and grateful to have had the chance to share the love for them – and their products – with everyone who attended. More to follow!

Watch the incredible recap video of our wonderful event!



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