To eat fat or not to eat fat? That is a darn good question!

One thing I’ve learned at Integrative Institute of Nutrition is the importance of eating healthy fats daily. We need them, after all, to help our brains function as well as to help us absorb much needed vitamins. So, you should feel good about eating healthy fats that you will find from oils, nuts, seeds, coconuts and avocados.

Any of these healthy fats should be part of your daily intake, so don’t feel guilty when you indulge. But, how much to indulge? That’s up to you and depends on whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain, or even gain – you don’t need a lot of fat, but you do need it!

Healthy fat – Olive oil bring poured into small ramekin with olives surrounding the scene

Types of oils to love and try:

  • Olive Oil - A super powerful and healthy oil, or fat. You can eat this daily and feel great about ‘eating fat!’ You can drizzle this directly onto salads, on your grains, and even your veggies. However, you don’t need to overdo it! Not that it’s bad for you, but it will be higher in calories, yet it is a healthy calorie versus a calorie from an Oreo!
  • Sesame Oil - This is a delicious healthy oil that adds a nutty flavor. You can also add hot sesame oil, or even toasted sesame oil to your salads, veggies, and in your cooking.
  • Coconut Oil - This lends a coconut taste. Good for healthy desserts especially!
TIP: Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, High-0leic Sunflower Oil, Hazelnut Oil are also fun ones to try to switch things up!

BONUS TIPS: Do look carefully at their heating point, however, as you don’t want to smoke up your kitchen! Just make sure to avoid hydrogenated and bleached oils, so do read the labels!

Salt, Pepper, healthy fats, and oils placed on a lazy susan next to a stove in a kitchen

Caring for your oils is easy, but only if you know how to store them! Here are some tips so that they’ll last for a long time and stay delicious and healthy:

  • Heat and light will speed up the rancidity of oils, so make sure you store them away from a window, and also away from a hot stove! This means the cupboard or pantry is perfect, as long as it stays cool and doesn’t get light.
  • Look for oils that are in a dark bottle, when possible to limit exposure to light.
  • Brands that are cold-pressed and unrefined are even better.
  • Purchase smaller, high quality bottles rather than in bulk so the oil doesn't turn bad before you're able to use it.
Woman placing oil onto her skin with a dropper with a candle lit next to her

Moisturize your skin with oils, too! Oils are natural, healthy moisturizers for your skin! Did you know coconut oil will prevent stretch marks and smooth the skin? Avocado oil will revive dry, brittle hair! And sesame oil is ideal for a healthy, relaxing and moisturizing massage. So, join me and let's just say aaaah .... with oils!


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