A new ingredient has come onto the scene that is making its way to center stage – algae!

And we're not talking about the slimy stuff you've seen on top of the ponds or swamps. Not even close! The latest iteration of algae – and its very important ingredient – is being formulated in ways that are very natural, although controlled, and their benefits on your health are staggering.

I've had many bouts with skin cancer, so for me, this ingredient is very important. Yep, I've had all types – melanoma, squamous, basal cell – and on multiple occasions. So, having a product like this could be invaluable to my health and my longevity of life! Let me tell you why.

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The most important ingredient in algae is called Astaxanthin, which has the ability to travel to every cell, tissue and organ in your body, and helps your body – and physical performance – in the following ways:

  • Scavenging free radicals in your energy-producing mitochondrial cells
  • Decreasing oxidative damage to your cell membranes and DNA
  • Decreasing muscle inflammation
  • Reducing lactic acid in your muscles (a byproduct of physical exertion)
  • Improving visual acuity and depth perception
  • Improving sun tolerance and reducing your tendency to sunburn
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And, it's pretty! Well, kind of. It provides the red color of salmon meat and the red color of cooked shellfish. Wild caught salmon has this color naturally, although this is the color most often added synthetically added to farm-raised salmon, in order to give it its pinkish appearance. It is this ingredient found in algae, which makes the salmon strong and able to travel upstream against the currents. Imagine what it helps you do!

AstaREAL has been harnessing and growing this ingredient, naturally, so that it can now be added into supplements and powders and be used to boost your food's nutrient value, and even protect it from the harmful rays of the sun.

How does it protect you from the sun? It's all in the science! Astaxanthin is produced only by the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis when its water supply dries up, forcing it to protect itself from UV radiation. It's the algae's survival mechanism—astaxanthin serves as a "force field" to protect the algae from lack of nutrition and/or intense sunlight.

So, I say cheers to AstaREAL! AstaREAL was the first company in the world to commercially produce natural astaxanthin. They have a production facility in Gustavsberg, Sweden, and in Moses Lake, Washington, in the United States, where the algae itself is grown in stainless steel photo bio-reactors under carefully controlled indoor – and clean – conditions.

Are you still scratching your head? Well, let me put it simply. The algae are crushed and finally spray dried and can be created into a high purity, raw material ingredient that is used in the manufacture of various products, such as dietary supplements, foods, and cosmetics.

Here are variations of this ingredient, and how AstaREAL is putting it to good use!

NOTE: If you'd rather see a VIDEO, check out what they do to this apple when they compare AstaREAL to Vitamin C and Green Tea! You'll love it, if only to listen to the music! ; )

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  • The dark red liquid pouring from the beaker is AstaREAL: 10% Astaxanthin oil, which is the first extraction from the Haematococcus pluvialis algae that they grow in Washington State USA. Technically, this is the pure form of Astaxanthin, and in actuality it is 100% Haematococcus pluvialis extract which contains 10% naturally occurring Astaxanthin. The other 90% of the oil matrix is naturally occurring lipids and fatty acids which make up the body of the algae cell. 10 + 90 = 100%
  • The red powder is AstaReal® extract powder and allergen free (doesn’t contain any of the Big 8 allergens: soy, tree nuts, milk, fish, shellfish/crustacean, wheat soy, peanuts, eggs)
  • The black softgels you see are just that: gelatin or vegetarian softgels which contain a select amount (2mg, 4mg, 6mg etc) of Astaxanthin from our good friend AstaReal L10 oil, the “Mother Liquid” so to speak!
For more information, visit AstaREAL, or catch them on their Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter accounts and get to know what they're up to yourself. I'll see you in the sun!


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