Who wouldn't like a bit of juicy sunshine about now? Well, this one fruit that just makes me feel like I'm having a happy day whenever I eat it! It's the watermelon! And here's some good news for us all. Delicious Florida watermelons from the passionate farmers at Melon 1 are already shipping NOW! You will find them shipping all along the East Coast and Mid-West currently, and more distribution to come soon.

Buying food right now at the stores makes a lot of us grateful, but still sometimes we worry. Is it safe? It would be understandable if you might wonder if buying watermelons is a safe bet, considering the Covid-19 situation.

So, I asked my colleagues over at Melon 1, and this is what they said,

“We have always considered ourselves ahead of the game when it comes to food safety. However, we are taking extra precautions now more than ever to ensure our watermelons are safe to eat. We’re all in this together, and we’re proud to still be shipping great produce to our grocery store partners.”

So, you make sure you look for these delicious watermelons in the stores near you. And, what can you expect from Melon 1? Juicy, sweet and healthy watermelons that are grown by families who are expert in what they do, passionate and caring about each watermelon that they harvest, and they couldn't be more pleased to be able to deliver this safe and healthy, happy fruit to us all.

I have to share my memory of my Dad eating watermelon with my nephew. I captured my nephew watching my Dad (his grandfather) like a hawk! They shared a moment, over a slice of watermelon, and I will forever cherish that moment and these photos.

SO, what are you waiting for? I think we all could use some watermelon smiles right now. Watermelon smiles for everyone!


58 responses to “Melon 1 Watermelons – A Slice of Florida Sunshine!”

  1. Thank You all for your Dedication,to make Wonderful Watermelons,our Family loves them,they are a Staple Here!

  2. I have loved watermelon for most of my life. Thanks for the many recipes on ways to incorporate watermelon.

  3. I would love to win. Thanks dfor taken the time to tell us all about watermellons. I want to try the Watermellon Teriyaki Grilled Chicken.


  5. I love this ❤️ I have a picture of my stepson eating watermelon and it’s so cool! I never thought I’d see one like it on the internet 😂

  6. My daughter said children should only eat diced watermelon from a bowl, with a spoon, to make no messes… I guess she forgot how much fun she used to have, eating a big slice of it, and spitting seeds out on a picnic with the other kids… So fun to see the pics of your family enjoying a big slice… The expressions of total happiness are worth more than words! So fun!!! Now I’m inspired to have a big slice too! Maybe I’ll offer my daughter one too!😉

  7. When there is a watermelon it always feels like a party! Can’t wait until it’s season and I can enjoy the fun and yumminess of your fabulous melons!

  8. This is adorable! What a great memory to cherish!!! I bet your nephew was a juicy mess when he was done!!!! LOL Totally acceptable & encouraged!!!!

  9. I appreciate the “front line” workers who toil to bring us this fruit. I hope Melon1 farmers are taking care of them.

  10. Yumm, it’s a special kind-a day when we bring home a watermelon! I like to have special days at least once a week!😉..haha

  11. We love eating fresh watermelons!!! I just wish we’d be able to get them year round. Our produce selection here in Illinois is very limited, especially right now. I’m hoping this will be a GREAT summer to get some awesomely yummy watermelons!!! Can’t wait to have these guys back in our daily routine!!!!

  12. Ahhh!! I smile in my memories of warm picnic days and the sweet taste of watermelon and wishing for more than my share among my sisters and brother. Watermelon helped make my remembering so golden!

  13. Watermelon is considered a normal summer staple here in southern Louisiana. What is a daily meal without a delicious and juicy watermelon from Farm Star. Thanks for all your wonderful produce.

  14. I do love watermelon and this was insightful especially with regard to COVID. It’s great to know I keep eating and keep loving watermelon!!!!Thank you!

  15. Thank you for feeding the USA! Watermelon has been a family tradition for years and years, weather a holiday or coming in from the field to cool down!

  16. Some of my best memories are from sitting on my Grandmothers back steps and having seed spitting contests, letting the new Angus calves lick the sweet juice from the watermelon off my fingers. Always ended with a rind fight – and then the leftovers went to the chickens. We shared with everyone 🙂

  17. We live in Michigan and we buy alot of watermelons during the summer but I wish it was a fruit that we could get year around, or I wish it could be frozen and still be used any ideas ?

  18. I love watermelon! We definitely have so many family memories of picnics and gatherings throughout the years eating watermelon. I love how you shared the beautiful memory of your son and his grandfather!

  19. I love to make beautiful fresh fruit baskets. I use the watermelon as the basket and cut up the fruits to fill it. Frosted bunch of grapes on the handle. They are so pretty

  20. I just eat watermelon 🍉 because it is delicious and very refreshing in the hot summer weather. I truly did not know that it is much more!! You have some pretty precious memories of your dad and your handsome little nephew 😍🍉

  21. Hi, I’m so glad I ran across this site I have LEARNED so much about watermelons today that I never knew, Thank You for the knowledge.

  22. I love watermelon, I’ve been eating it since I was a small child and loving every bit, it’s delicious, healthy, it’s refreshing and it’s Summer, what is summer without watermelon?, especially with a great big bowl of Clam chowder.

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