The New Year has begun and everyone is excited to see what it brings. Farm Star Living ‘s Gypsy Rooster has looked deep into our mystical, crystal ball and has seen the future! We've heard 2015 is THE year for FARMING and we can’t wait to see what unfolds!

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Farm Star Living’s Predictions for 2015 Farm to Table Trends:

Screen shot 2015-01-12 at 2.57.19 PMFarm to Airport

We see in the future of airports that there will be a growing appetite to add farm to table fare inside terminals to bring travelers fresh, local food! There is going to be a push to bring consumers more farm-sourced / healthy markets, restaurants, and products inside airports. JFK airport is considering even growing potatoes or other crops on property! Way to go JFK!

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Farm to Cocktail Movement

This will be a huge trend for the New Year! More bartenders / mixologists will start creating drinks inspired by what they get from farms and what’s in season. Also, more foodies will be looking for that handcrafted, farm fresh cocktail. In 2015, we will continue showcasing on our website the Farm to Cocktail movement by identifying the trend-setting bartenders and mixologists who are using fresh ingredients to perfect their craft cocktails. Not only are they using farm fresh ingredients as garnish, but also in making their own mixers, bitters, vermouth, etc.! The cocktails are worth trying and savoring. So let’s make a toast to the future of Farm to Cocktail!

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Farm to Hospital

This is going to be an upcoming trend for 2015 as it grows momentum all across the country. We will see hospitals adopt practices such as rooftop gardens with fruits and vegetables to give to their patients. Many hospitals will also begin to source their food for meals from local farms and companies. Nothing better than organic, healthy food for people seeking wellness and healing!

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Farm to Grocery

Grocery stores and markets will continue to bring in and add more grown, local produce and products to their shelves and aisles. They are going to give customers that connection to their farmers that people have a had a growing desire for.

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Farm to Box

CSA and farm boxes, full of local produce and products, have become such a huge trend and will only get larger in this upcoming year! More farms and companies will begin to sell these boxes as a way to further their reach to consumers. Many of these companies are even selling boxes with all the ingredients you need to make an entire meal, recipes included of course!

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Farm to School

What’s more important than teaching the future of our world about where their food comes from and providing them with healthy, local sourced meals? In 2015, we will see more and more schools buying their produce for school lunches from local farmers. We will also see programs develop around agriculture. They will start teaching classes on growing your own food and sustainability and build gardens on property so students can learn first hand about where their food comes from!

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Home Gardens

The farm to table / farm fresh food movement has really inspired people to take action in their own lives. In 2015, we will watch as more people start their own gardens at home. Gardens can be as simple as pots of herbs or vertical gardening or as big as a backyard! More and more people just want to “GET DIRTY”!

Farm Star Living is really excited about these trend predictions for the New Year and watching them come to life. Gypsy Rooster, also gave us a little insider on our very own future and let’s just say down the road of 2015, it is bright and full of some amazing stops!


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