Since it's Nutrition Month, I just thought I'd share this with you, as I have wanted (for a long time) to improve my health, specifically my nutrition. I did not always like fruits and vegetables, and I often didn't eat them for days at a time. I'd eat processed, easy or convenient foods. I was too busy to cook, and being at the time an over-stressed, overworked entrepreneur, constantly working round the clock, I didn't even think about it. Thank god, this finally changed.

Luckily, I turned a corner, changed my job, changed my life, and become more aware of what I was doing to myself by choosing the foods that were basically lacking in the 'good stuff.' Today, I eat fruits and vegetables religiously. However, I have had a wicked sweet tooth, with cravings dragging me around scrounging my pantry for chocolate chips, seeking ice cream and cookies whenever possible. And in the past, that might have been all I'd eat in a day! Please don't judge. I have been evolving, and I have grown as a person and am much more healthy and conscious today about what I put in my mouth, how I feed my body.

Today, I know that for long-term health, sugar can wreak havoc on my health, increase risk of diabetes, fatty liver, weight gain, and could bring about cancer. So, I've known that I have to get that aspect of my life together for some time. It's part of an ongoing journey I'm on, and I've also made sure that I incorporated this into my own career and professional goals. For the last twenty years – from my previous company as well as this one, my goal has been to promote overall, holistic wellness, and self-care. It just wasn't always that easy for me to practice what I preached! While I now focus on food - and farms, I realize overall wellness incorporates so many different lifestyle aspects. It takes so many parts of your life working together to really be healthy and happy.

Photo Credit: Institute of Integrative Nutrition

I enrolled in Integrative Institute of Nutrition, founded by Joshua Rosenthal, who basically created 'health and wellness' coaching. The curriculum is amazing, and if you're interested, email me at and I'll give you even more of the scoop! I started in January and am on an accellerate program within 6 months versus the year, but I'm learning so much that is helping me grow in so many areas. If you're interested in any webinars to learn more, you can for free here.

For example, I have learned that our age span if left to just a normal and average healthy person, would be about 90 years. However, you can also dramatically decrease that by the choices we make not only in food, but in our lifestyle. There are areas around the world where people have actually been living well into their 90's, and not only struggling, but actually living large! They're working, they're active, they're riding scooters and just enjoying their lives fully! They call this the Blue Zones, and there are actually certain factors that they all share: healthy fats, daily social / community time, good relationships and love (not necessarily romantic), good healthy food, in some instances daily alcohol, active walking, spirituality and communal gathering, and a bit more.

How long will you live? Take the test here:

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You'll learn whether you'll have some hard years at the end of your life, or if you'll live vibrantly! I encourage you to see where you are, and see if you want to change anything!

Photo Credit: Institute of Integrative Nutrition

There is a combination of lifestyle factors as well as food that can help us get to a ripe old age and still feel amazing. In my school - called 'nutrition school,' they call it 'primary' food, as this is the most important part of your life that contributes to your health and happiness. This is the 'food' that is OFF of the plate. These are the main factors contributing to your overall, holistic health, and it's something we constantly work on, balancing and examining, throughout our lives. They have their name for it, called the CIRCLE OF LIFE. These twelve aspects include: career, spirituality, physical activity, relationships, social life, home environment, home cooking, personal finances, education, health, joy and creativity.

If you are interested to see how it works for you, feel free to do this exercise yourself, and find out which part is out of balance!

I have learned about how diets are different for everyone, and there's not just one that's right. We are all different – and the term is 'bio-individuality.'

One person's food that brings them joy may be another's poison! So, diets are very different for everyone, and typically diets don't even work. Maybe for the short-term, but in most cases, the sense of depriving one's self eventually reaches a max point, and then we tend to gain it back, even more than where we started in some cases!

So, what I'm doing, and what they suggest, is 'crowding out,' and I am eating more whole foods, fruits, veggies, lean proteins, complex carbs, whole grains, eating more healthy fats, drinking more water. And, without even trying, I lost the 'Covid-19' pounds I'd gained. And, I still eat my chocolate, but I make sure that I eat something healthy and nutritious before I allow myself to eat it, so I'm no longer eating it mindlessly, or when I'm starving. All in all, I'm not depriving myself, but I'm enjoying the chocolate in smaller amounts, and enjoying it more, and eating less of sugar overall. I haven't even craved ice cream - and I was constantly reaching for the chocolate ice cream in the freezer! Not anymore!

Luckily for us, we can find the healing within ourselves and through the support from each other. And, hopefully, you'll find some support here at Farm Star Living. I plan to bring you more tips and lessons that I learn along my journey, and don't forget to share your thoughts with me, too! Comment below or email me: .... !

Apples - I realize that there are so many different varieties of apples that can satisfy my sweet tooth cravings, and I know I'm doing something great for myself and my body. I am eating at least one a day! Most days I am eating two! SERIOUSLY, what's not to love?!

Blueberries - Loving the anti-oxidants and the sweetness it adds to my yogurt or oatmeal. Or I am eating them by the handful. Packed with nutrition and the vitamins that I need to feel my best!


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