No mess, no fuss, and no wasted time in the kitchen! Finally, potatoes that are high quality, delicious and healthy – and ready to eat in 6 minutes!

The best part? You don’t have to stop mid-way through and stir, cut slits in plastic, add ingredients, or anything but pop the bag into your microwave. It’s super simple! These new products are truly different – all come with delicious, healthy Green Giant™ Fresh potatoes that are seasoned to perfection, and each offers you a high quality side dish as the perfect healthy veggie. You can select from many different varieties, all with flavorful seasonings that simply release right onto the potatoes, coating them with delicious herbs and seasonings. In six minutes they are simply, DONE! Just microwave and voila! With a quick shake to get those seasonings over every delish little potato, you are ready to serve!

When I say healthy, I do mean it! I have been struggling for years to keep my diet low in salt, and it has been a struggle as it seems that almost everything pre-packaged has so much salt. Not these potatoes – which is another reason why I love them! In fact, these potatoes are just lightly salted - perfect for the low-sodium conscious folks like me!

Plus, there are so many varieties. Being a Southerner from Louisiana region, I love the Cajun style potatoes myself, and I also love the Roasted Red Pepper. Both of those are at the top of my list, but the rosemary is also another personal favorite. They’re all so good and there’s surely a flavor that will win you over, too!

Don’t forget that Green Giant™ Fresh is known for their quality fresh vegetables, and their potatoes are simply delicious, just like you would expect. So, get out of the kitchen and start enjoying more of your me-time! One Step … Done!™ will save the day - or at least, your dinner!


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