Opening of Fresh Summit 2016 - excitement!

I just returned from Fresh Summit, and it was mind-blowing! There were 1,200 exhibitors on the floor of the Orlando Convention Center. I brought some of my team members, too, as I have to share the excitement and enthusiasm of (drumroll) FRUITS and VEGETABLES!


Here I am with Wal-Mart produce exec and Michaela Palovick, our Social Media Guru

Of course, eating FNV (fruits and vegetables) is something we all hope for our children, and the Sesame Street gang and the Eat Brighter campaign is in full swing to promote this! In fact, our friends Fowler Farms had ELMO at their booth front and center! While showing their delicious apples and new apple ciders, Elmo was there to give hugs and smiles to everyone around.


Elmo, me, and David Williams of Fowler Farms

Seriously. I cannot express how much I get giddy over the farm families and produce brands that I see there! Everyone is so passionate about what they grow – and what they bring to market for us all. From new ways of serving brussel sprouts - shredded in convenient to use pouches, to cubed, noodled sweet potatoes, as well as fresh produce, delicious nuts, and so many fruits!


Jennifer Fancher of The Green Giant

Some of my favorite things were the conveniently packaged new products. Many companies are taking their freshest grown produce and packaging them in the most convenient and usable ways!


Taylor Farms - showcasing their farm-fresh salads!


Katiana Valdes of Del Monte

Different items are being combined together in salads, convenient pouches for steaming, packaged together as to-go snack kits and more.


Diana McClean of Ocean Mist Farms

Not only does everyone showcase their new products and classic produce items, but they also serve food! And lots of it! Some companies have famous chefs like the celebrity chef Roger Mooking from the Food Network! Chefs everywhere are serving the most amazing food wherever you turn! From hot dishes with shrimp, chicken, beef, mushrooms and, of course, all types of produce!


Lori Castillo of NatureSweet

But the soirees in the evening are a blast!


Opening Reception of Fresh Summit!

Speaking of stellar parties, SUNSET GROWN, a greenhouse tomato grower, brought in PITBULL! They rented out the House of Blues and had a private concert with this rock star! I got lucky to score a ticket from my friends at Pom Wonderful. He was humble, an incredible performer, and the night was stellar - ending in a room filled with confetti and a light show that was awesome.


Sunset Grown brought in PITBULL!

So, without a doubt, the produce industry is a very important industry to us all – and their mission is helping people be - and eat - healthier. There’s nothing more important than a healthy lifestyle, and eating your fruits and vegetables is a primary part of this.
Food health is the best health, so next time you’re at the grocery store, please spend a bit of time getting to really know the produce in the produce section. That’s where I’m practically living these days!
See you in a grocery store! ; )


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