There is a resort outside of Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, that offers paradise. It is relatively new, but it has already made a name for itself as it offers the perfect balance of luxury, wellness and service. I wanted to explore wellness and relaxation, and the idea of being in a rainforest has always fascinated me, yet I also wanted a spa that offered unique and cultural experiences that I could not find elsewhere. It took me only a moment to recognize the amazing benefits and offerings that could be found only at The One&Only Mandarina Resort.

My partner was enthusiastically onboard, as he is my co-pilot along the road towards ultimate mind•body•spirit wellness, and we both decided this would be the place to experience something extraordinary. We were not mistaken. The resort was tucked into a cliff along the coast, situated pristinely within the rainforest yet also along the beach, offering the ultimate scenic destination of nature and elegance.

The property rang its gong (literally) as we arrived, and we were offered complimentary champagne or beverages, and an overview of all that we’d experience in the days to follow.

The rooms are private cabins located either in the trees or on the cliff overlooking the ocean. We checked into our room that looked across the beach, yet still was tucked into the trees, and the view transported me to a state of zen. The natural habitat surrounding us was something to behold, and we loved listening to the waves crash every night.

The resort offered several locations to dine, some on the beach, some on the cliff, and all of which offered gourmet foods with the Mexican flair. Breakfasts were delicious, overlooking the ocean and pool, dinners were exquisite often allowing us to be right next to the waves and on the beach itself, and it seemed that every morning and night was filled with more beauty. The stars shone brightly across the sky. and any of the stresses from a life often stressed to the max due to the pandemic simply melted away.

The spa itself was magnificent, offering many treatments steeped in tradition and the indigenous culture, not to mention complimentary meditation, yoga and fitness classes. Plus, the beautiful spa amenities allowed for extra chances to unplug and reconnect with what matters most.

The pool underneath the canopy of trees, the steam and sauna rooms, plunge pool, and the relaxation lounge itself that was open-air to nature everywhere offered the chance to completely disconnect. And upon this kind of disconnection, you can reconnect better with yourself, and your partner.

Experiences such as the Tezmucalan (sweat lodge) or Couples Connection bonded my partner and me even closer, and we loved tapping into the ancient traditions and culture that celebrated love – for the self, for each other, and for Mother Earth.

We took a steep hike to La Abuela, this monumental tree that has stood the test of time for the past 500 years. This is no small feat and called for a guide. Once we reached it, we had a beautiful meditation, ceremony, and enjoyed fruits of the region. It was breathtaking to see and serves as a great reminder of how nature endures, even while we all will fade away and one day will return back into the Earth.

The days pass too quickly; and before I knew it, we were preparing to go. An hour’s drive to the airport isn’t so bad when you are tucked away in a secluded in a private paradise like this. If there is a place that offers the chance to elevate your own wellness journey, this offers it without a doubt. And if you have any questions about the magical One&Only Mandarina Resort, I'd be happy to answer any questions. Email me at … I loved it, my partner loved it, and we would hope to return again one day.



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