These days feeling healthy - and eating healthy - is more important than ever. And, eating foods that are natural, good for you, and have something to offer your overall health is really important – especially when it comes to snacks! You can sabotage your best efforts by these moments of weakness, that's why these new NUTS FOR LIFE snacks check the box on everything you might need!

Photo Courtesy of Nature's Eats®

Plus, with life being as stressful as it's ever been, it's so important to pay attention to your body and what it needs to feel and operate at its best. That's why what you're putting into your mouth is even more important, since this is the way your body is going to thrive. Whether looking for something for a boost of energy, or even better digestion, muscle recovery, or just a healthy balance, these snacks are packed with delicious nuts, fruits, and in a couple of these varieties, mouth-watering dark chocolate! All of them were created to give you that healthy fix to stay on top of your game - and health!

Photo Courtesy of Nature's Eats®

The thing about these snacks is that they're made from a company called Nature's Eats, which they pride on the fact that their foods are all NATURAL, minimally processed and using premium grade nuts. One of the thing that I like most is that they are also sourced from farms that were hand-picked for their high quality and sound environmental practices … and combined in such a way to help your body work at its best level.

Did I mention they’re NON-GMO, gluten free, some are even sodium free and even vegan-friendly? They are - and the good news is they are all delicious!

Being from a farming family myself, I love how this is the passion project of a family-owned business, too, and one that’s been specializing in nuts for 45 years! They’re following their dreams of bringing natural farm-fresh foods and good health to us all, and that’s a little something I think we all can go a little nuts over!

Photo Courtesy of Nature's Eats®


9 responses to “Trail Mixes for Every Body!”

  1. I would love to try the one that says digestion. I have heart burn a lot and eat a lot of yogurt and this would make me feel like I was really eating something good for me that was tasteful..

  2. I would like to see exactly the kinds of nuts, etc. that are in each of the different bags. That is more important to me than the name (purpose) on the label.

  3. I love nuts because they are a source of protein as well as a healthful carbohydrate. I love trail mixes with
    dried cranberries or dried cherries since they allow urine to be more acidic. The small packages are easy nto pack for snacks.

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