Sunkist® is the one of the most widely recognized name in the citrus category, a brand consumers trust to deliver fresh, delicious, and premium fruit. Sunkist quality stems from generations of growing experience, hand-picking each piece of fruit with care.

Sunkist citrus is held to the highest standards in its journey from their farms to tables everywhere. Every piece of citrus is inspected for quality and consistency, ensuring that it complies with the strictest regulations for food safety, packaging, and labeling.

Sunkist growers have deep roots in citrus. Generations of farmers were raised in the orchards where their parents (and grandparents) grew citrus, each generation passing down their knowledge to the next!

With a focus on the future, many Sunkist growers have adopted sustainable farming practices and environmentally friendly approaches, including the use of solar power, water-saving irrigation systems, and low-emission vehicles.

Mandarins are sweet, seedless, and easy to peel! They are not only convenient snacks and are great for cooking. but they are also an excellent source of Vitamin C! These little citrus gems pack a big nutritional punch.

Sunkist has a variety of delicious mandarins!

SATSUMA MANDARIN - A warm, tropical flavor and a sweet aroma. These seedless mandarins have a sweet aroma with a refreshing flavor that is warm and tropical.

CLEMENTINE & W. MURCOTT MANDARIN - Sweet, juicy treats. They are sweet and juicy, seedless, and have a flat-round shape with a deep orange, smooth glossy skin.

ROYAL MANDARIN - Robust and spicy-sweet. Royal mandarins are a type of Tangor, a cross between a tangerine and an orange.They have some seeds and a robust, spicy-sweet flavor.

GOLD NUGGET VARIETY MANDARIN - A gold mine of flavor. Gold Nugget variety mandarins are named for their beautiful, bright and bumpy rind.Their bright, sparkling orange interior is exceptionally sweet.

HONEY MANDARIN - Juicy, tropical sweetness. Previously known as a Kinnow mandarin, the Honey mandarin was renamed to identify its Honey mandarin parentage.

Citrus has many uses in recipes, but also provides beautiful garnishes for your dishes!


Wedges are one of the most common citrus garnishes for dishes and beverages. Serve alongside seafood or perch on the glass rim of beverages.


Citrus wheels and slices add a nice decorative (and edible!) touch to dishes and beverages.


A citrus twist is a floating garnish consisting of a very thin section of citrus peel. More than just decorative flourish for cocktails, twists add flavor and dimension to beverages because of the aromatic oils concentrated in the peel that are released.


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