Green vegetables - is there anything more nutritious and healthy? Green, leafy vegetables are a great source of iron, calcium, and beta-carotene - vitamins and minerals that are essential for a healthy body. These green vegetables are anti-inflammatory, provide energy, and also aid in weight loss. There's no reason not to add these veggies into your families daily routine.

A few facts about our favorite greens:

Spinach: Aids in digestion, increases immunity, lowers blood pressure.

Celery: Protects skin from UV rays, relieves chest infections, pain reliever.

Parsley: Fights acne, helps with insomnia, increases stamina, fights asthma.


Kale - quite possibly our favorite superfood: Anti-aging, increases immunity, improves hair, skin and nails, combats fatigue, and contains anti-viral qualities. This veggie is stacked with benefits, that's why it is considered a superfood!


BroccoLeaf - new from Foxy Produce: this veggie has twice the calcium of kale, and 100% of your recommended daily value of Vitamin C.

Thanks to Foxy Produce you can enjoy the amazing health benefits of these green veggies and many more!


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