Loud enough for the people in the back, "Being a parent is a full-time job!" Between trying to take care of yourself, your family, your work, and other responsibilities even simple tasks can seem so overwhelming. After a long day of juggling it all, the last thing you want to do is take out the pots, pans, ingredients, and spices. Then you'll have to chop, slice, dice, and prep everything before you even get started cooking. Not to mention watching water boil! Who has time for that??

Photo Courtesy of Green Giant™ Fresh

Say hello to your new favorite kitchen companion: Minute Mashers™. These real and fresh potatoes are grown by the trusted farmers from Green Giant™ Fresh, and this new product offers hot, delicious, and ready-to-eat mashed potatoes in just seven minutes! No pots or pans, no waiting for the water to boil, no slicing or dicing ingredients – just simplicity and fresh ingredients for your family.

Put your doubts aside – Minute Mashers™ aren't made with flaked or powdered potatoes, or any other kind of weird "potato product." Inside the bag are real, farm-fresh potatoes, real butter, real herbs, and real chef-inspired seasonings! Just take a look at those clean ingredients on the Buttery Sea Salt & Pepper package, for example: potatoes, clarified butter, sea salt, white pepper. Heaven!

Photo Courtesy of Green Giant™ Fresh

Here's how it works: just pop the whole package in the microwave and set the cook-time for seven minutes. No need to prep, puncture the package, stir half-way through cooking, add seasoning packets, or spend time with lengthy instructions. Pinch me! Just let the Minute Mashers™ work their magic in the microwave and grab your oven mitts when they're done cooking.

Now, for the fun part!

Get the kiddos involved and let them help with dinner – because you deserve some help! Place the Minute Mashers™ package onto your counter or a dish towel, and with your oven mitts on, start mashing! You'll feel the real potatoes in the package begin to crush and mash and mix together with the butter and seasonings. Keep mashing until potatoes have reached your desired consistency. That's the beauty of this product! If you like lumpy mashed potatoes, do a light mash. But if you like creamier mashed potatoes, keep mashing a bit longer. And it's FUN!

Photo Courtesy of Green Giant™ Fresh

Once your Minute Mashers™ are mashed to your liking, just open the package and pour hot mashed potatoes into your serving dish. The mashed potatoes slide right out of the package and onto your plate and you don't have to fumble with scraping or scooping them out of the package.

Yes, the product is super easy to use, quick, and made with real ingredients. But, let's talk about flavor for a second! These potatoes are seasoned to perfection! You can choose from Buttery Chive & Dill, Buttery Sea Salt & Pepper, or Buttery Roasted Garlic. The kids will love digging in to these delicious and flavorful mashed potatoes.

From all of us trying to be more mindful about our health in these strange times, we're grateful to Green Giant™ Fresh for creating a super easy product that takes the prep and work out of cooking healthy meals for you and your family.

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38 responses to “Minute Mashers™ from Green Giant™ Fresh”

  1. ☆The Mashed Potato Cakes & Pierogies sound divine☆. Always wanted to try a Shepherd Pie, but will need to look up a vegetarian version. Hungry just thinking about it♡.

  2. I just bought a bag and I’m super confused. I’ve read the directions and watched you tube videos and nothing says anything about the top part of the bag. There’s obviously something in it. I assume it’s the seasonings. On YT, all of the videos show only the bottom part of the bag. There’s no explanation anywhere. What are you supposed to do with the top part?

    • Hi Becky! We know it’s easy to overthink it because we’re so used to complicated recipes, but it’s really as simple as placing the ENTIRE bag in the microwave and then mashing together! No need to separate the top or bottom of the bag – it’s all part of the ease of this product. 🙂 Just follow the directions on the bag and that’s it!

  3. My boyfriend was confused about the separation in the bag (the lower part contains potatoes and the upper part holds the seasonings), so he cut the top part off before microwaving. The bag opened when in the microwave and made a bit of a mess. We were still able to mash the potatoes and after that we added the seasonings. They were very good, but the mess in the microwave was a hassle. I looked at the bag after and saw that it didn’t mention anything about the two part bag. Possibly add that to the directions so it is clearer to people how it works. Just a suggestion!

    • Oh no! Sorry to hear you had trouble. The beauty of this product is that you don’t have to cut, vent, or do anything prior to microwaving. Just follow the easy directions and put the whole bag in the microwave. No mess and no fuss!

  4. I don’t even think I have seen these in stores yet! I definitely love this idea and want to try this for me and the family!! But i’ll just tell them that I made it LOL.

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