If you're a health-conscious parent, we know you’re always on the lookout for tasty and nutritious snacks for school lunches, after school practices, or even play dates. A happy bonus is when that snack is super easy to pack. There’s not much time between packing that lunch and getting your kid to school on time!

When you take the time to research your products to keep your kid’s diet free from empty calories and needless preservatives, it can be disheartening to face aisles and aisles of overly processed and sugary treats with kiddo-tempting cartoons on the front. That’s why we proudly endorses Sunsweet’s D’Noir Prunes to add to your cabinet!

Photo Courtesy of Sunsweet®

These chewy and sweet dried plums are available in 8-ounce resealable bags, making them absolutely perfect for you and your kids. Slip them into your bag on your way out the door, their lunchbox, or their backpack. D’Noir prunes are moist, tender, and most importantly, healthy.

Photo Courtesy of Sunsweet®

Only a 100-calories, they’re also sweet and sticky, easily replacing cookies or candy while still giving that boost for recess. On top of that, they contain protein, potassium, fiber, vitamin A, calcium, iron, antioxidants, and so much more! They’re fat free and gluten free, too!

Here are some specific and important health benefits that you’ll be introducing to your family with Sunsweet’s D’Noir Prunes:

  • Introducing more minerals and vitamins into their diet (while they’re getting a yummy treat!)
  • Providing antioxidants, which reduce inflammation and protects your cells from damage
  • Regulate blood sugar, lowering the risk of diabetes
  • Promote bone health by preventing bone loss and even potentially reversing bone loss that has already occurred
  • Help develop muscle with the mineral boron (really great for kids in activities or sports!)
  • Benefit heart health by lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol, reducing heart disease, heart attack, and stroke
  • Improve overall digestion by preventing things like hemorrhoids and constipation
  • Helps naturally treat anemia, which can cause shortness of breath, irritability, and fatigue
  • Aid your vision through the additional vitamin A

Best yet, these amazing little fruits are super easy to incorporate into your meals. You can have them as they are, put them in smoothies or salads, and even add them to a dinner favorite: braised chicken! Check out our Braised Chicken with Onion & D’Noir Prunes to see how easy (and mouth-watering) they are.

On a final note, you might ask: Why Sunsweet?!

Sure, the taste difference is obvious between Sunsweet’s prunes and any ordinary variety, but Sunsweet® is also committed to a green future. They’re farmers first, and they want to support a healthy environment. They accomplish this through reducing waste, utilizing production by-products, treating and returning water, and several other environmentally conscious practices.

Photo Courtesy of Sunsweet®

Their commitment to the land is only matched by their commitment to the customer. You can find Sunsweet® in most grocery and drug stores, and they’ve been perfecting their practices for over 100 years! They’re the only ones who care to perfect their pitting process to preserve the tastiest part of the prune - all so you can get more sweet flavor and nutrients, right to your family.


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