This time of year always gets us excited for a calendar full of gatherings with loved ones and a belly full of delicious and healthy foods. This year, add something different to the table with this Roasted Rosemary Potatoes with Apples & Bacon recipe!

This recipe is made in one cast iron pan so not only does it save you time in the kitchen, it's also packed with amazing flavors and textures thanks to the roasted apples, sweet honey, crispy bacon, and perfectly roasted Klondike Gourmet Medley Potatoes from our friends at Green Giant™ Fresh potatoes.

These packages of mini potatoes, grown by Potandon Produce, include three colorful potato varieties including red-yellow fleshed, yellow-yellow fleshed potatoes, and purple-purple fleshed (the "flesh" refers to the inside of the potato). These mini potatoes are the perfect roasting potato for this recipe and since this variety has a thin skin, there's no need to peel these spuds! Not only has Green Giant™ Fresh provided a wonderful eating experience, but they've also thought about the entire process when customers are using their product. The package itself has a ton of great information including recipe ideas and nutrition information – plus, you can just slice the top of the package and rinse the potatoes right in the mesh bag!

Now, if you've never tried potatoes and apples together, we're very excited for you to try this recipe. The soft apple is the perfect sweet note to this recipe and you're going to love adding this dish to your holiday table. Here's a few of our tips and tricks to making the best Roasted Rosemary Potatoes with Apples & Bacon recipe:

  • Apples: There's a lot of varieties of apples out there, and we suggest a Cosmic Crisp for this recipe. This apple variety will hold up well when baked and the mild flavor of this apple won't overpower the other ingredients.
  • Tools: If you don't own a cast iron pan, then just follow the directions in whatever skillet you have on your stove top then transfer everything to a baking dish.
  • Method: Why baking soda? The addition of baking soda to the boiling water creates a crispier crust on the outside of the potatoes. The cooking method for these potatoes might be new to you but trust the process and you'll be very excited about the results!
  • Bacon: It's much easier to chop bacon when it's very cold, so while you're prepping your ingredients, pop the package of bacon in the freezer for a few minutes.
  • Fried Rosemary: This step is optional, but it adds a ton of rosemary flavor to the cooking fat.

Don't forget to post your recipe photos and tag us and our friends at Potandon Produce if you make this recipe. We hope this dish brings you and your loved ones some comfort this holiday season.

Roasted Rosemary Potatoes with Apples & Bacon


  • 1 package of Klondike Gourmet Medley Potatoes, diced into even pieces
  • 1 1/2 cups bacon (about 10 strips), chopped
  • 2 cups Cosmic Crisp apple, diced
  • 1/2 cup yellow onion, diced
  • 1/2 tsp. baking soda
  • 1 Tbsp. salt
  • 2 Tbsp. butter
  • 2 springs fresh rosemary
  • 1 Tbsp. honey


  • Begin by preheating your oven to 425F and setting a large pot of water to high. Bring to a boil.
  • Once water is boiling, add baking soda, salt, and potatoes to the pot. Boil for 5-10 minutes (time will depend on how large your potatoes are diced) until just fork-tender. Strain potatoes and add them back to the same pot. Carefully shake the pot around to 'fluff' the outside of the potatoes. You should begin to see a coating forming around the potatoes. Alternatively, you could try this step in a large bowl with a lid.
  • While the potatoes boil, cook the chopped bacon over medium-high heat in a large cast iron skillet until crispy. Be sure to turn bacon often so it doesn't burn. Once bacon is crispy, remove from the skillet and set on a paper towel lined plate. Set aside.
  • To the same skillet, add butter to the bacon drippings and allow butter to melt. Place both sprigs of rosemary into the bacon dripping mixture and fry rosemary for about 2 minutes (or until crisp). Note: this step is optional but adds a ton of flavor to the cooking fat. Set rosemary springs aside for later.
  • Turn the heat off and carefully add fluffed potatoes to the skillet of bacon drippings. Toss potatoes to coat them in the bacon fat and bake uncovered for 40 minutes, turning potatoes half way.
  • Remove skillet from the oven and add the apples and onions. Return to the oven for twenty more minutes. During this step, remove fresh rosemary from the sprig and set aside for garnish.
  • Remove skillet from the oven and drizzle with honey, add crispy bacon, and toss everything to combine. Garnish with fried rosemary and serve immediately.


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