It's that time of year again - family, friends, outdoors, and BBQ! We're ready to fire-up the grill this summer! When we grill, we bloom, with this BBQ Bloomer Onion from Peri & Sons Farms.

We love onions from Peri & Sons Farms for many reasons, especially the fact they are grown right here in the USA, and they are the only onions in the USA that have been Certified Sustainably Grown by SCS Global Services. This means that the Peri & Sons Farms adheres to the highest world standards in sustainability. Way to go, Peri & Sons!

Just check out that view on the Peri & Sons farm!

Peri & Sons Farms grows a variety of onions including: wonderful whites, yellows, reds, sweets, organics and the sweetest of all – the Sweetie Sweet® onion. All varieties of onions are good for you, but let's talk about the major health benefits of eating onions.

First of all, they are great foods to stretch a budget and to shrink the waistline!! All onions are fat-free, cholesterol-free, low in sodium, high in Vitamin C, and a good source of fiber. Great benefits! Plus, adding an onion to a casserole will stretch the meal to an extra serving! How about that for keeping your meals not only healthy, but budget-friendly! It's also easy to add onions to most any meal – enjoy Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner with healthy onions.

Plus, as allergy season is always something for so many of us to dread, onions should be one of our first go-to foods! Why? Because onions contain anti-allergy, anti-viral and antihistamine properties. Plus a good source of antioxidants!

But let's turn our attention back to BBQ! The BBQ Bloomer Onion all starts with the Peri & Sons Super Colossal Yellow Onion - and these things are big, y'all! We're talking colossal!! Their size makes them the perfect entree or appetizer to share.

This month we're enjoying the lighter, healthier version of the BBQ Bloomer Onion, but we're not missing any of the flavor! The best part? Peri & Sons Farms includes a unique spice blend pack in each BBQ Bloomer bag of onions. Perfect! All that's left for you to do is add a drizzle of olive oil, aluminum foil, put it on a grill, and VOILA! Your delish BBQ Bloomer Onion! Check out the full recipe here.


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