Ladies and gentleman, we are delighted to share the new, healthy food product that is just perfect for the New Year’s diet and health-related resolutions. Introducing the new Green Giant™ Fresh CarbSmart™ Yellow Potatoes. These spuds are not only delicious, but have 55% less carbs than rice or pasta.

Yes, that’s correct! A serving of these creamy and buttery potatoes even has less carbs than a cup of blueberries, a medium banana or 1/2 cup of granola. Moreover, they contain 27% less carbs than standard potatoes. Step aside meat, these potatoes are the main feature for your upcoming dish!

In addition to having less carbohydrates, Green Giant™ Fresh CarbSmart™ Yellow Potatoes have several health benefits that may come as a surprise. Please see the following list:

• Aids in digestion • Combats fatigue • Helps control LDL cholesterol levels • May reduce anxiety • May reduce cholesterol • May reduce nausea • Good Source of Vitamin C & Potassium

For additional information about the health benefits of potatoes, please visit our A-Z Food Guide.

About Green Giant™ Fresh

Green Giant™ Fresh, which has more than 200 branded goods, is a branch of Green Giant®, which has been providing produce to consumers for over a century. Their continued success in the industry can all be contributed to their dedication to quality products.

Let's hear it from Green Giant™ Fresh directly: “Because providing nutritious and versatile options to help spark healthier lifestyles is central to everything we do, we’re continually innovating new mixes, blends and meal-ready fresh vegetable products.”

Just look at these new CarbSmart™ Potatoes.. Talk about innovation!

Fun Facts

• The potato is the most universally grown crop in the world.

• Potatoes were the first food to be grown in space. In 1996, potato plants were taken into space with the space shuttle Columbia.

Preparing CarbSmart™ Yellow Potatoes

There are several options for preparing these delicious CarbSmart™ Potatoes. As Green Giant™ Fresh boasts, “Whether baked, mashed, boiled or grilled, these potatoes are Carbs Well Spent™.”

At Farm Star Living, we have perfected 4 healthy ways to prepare these potatoes, and we are delighted to share. Check out our recipe and video!


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  1. I live in long island new york do they sell low carb potatoes here?? If not can I purchase them on line. Thank you.

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