Want to guess one of the biggest food trends has become of 2017? Cauliflower! We at Farm Star Living could not be more in support as we are huge fans of this powerful cruciferous veggie. The ways that cauliflower is being used in today's dishes is mind-blowing, and we're sure you've also noticed how frequently cauliflower is showcased on menus at your fave restaurants. However, now we're seeing cauliflower used in recipes in ways that we never would have imagined!

This is all possible now by the different ways you can buy cauliflower, and one of the ways we love it is via EatSmart® and their fresh, delicious Cauliflower Rice. EatSmart® has taken out all of the work for you, so that everything you now need in order to add cauliflower into your favorite recipes is right there in the bag, and conveniently in your local grocery produce aisle.

Whether baked, mashed, or steamed, cauliflower can be a deliciously simple (and filling) way to get healthier, and it is a great way to add vitamins C and K in to your diet.

Vitamin K is important in preventing heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, multiple types of cancer, and even Alzheimer’s disease, and is also an important adjunct to vitamin D. Most important to note, most people are deficient in both. Plus, Cauliflower Rice can be a low-calorie substitute in a variety of dishes that are typically heavy in starches.

Sure, it’s easy enough to buy a head of cauliflower to bake or steam, but we love how EatSmart® Cauliflower Rice can be added to such a variety of dishes. And, we found their BreatheWay® packaging to be very innovative.

While crates of vegetables may look fresh, they are constantly losing moisture. Thus, the mission behind BreatheWay® packaging is to change the way oxygen and carbon dioxide effect vegetables, helping them “breathe naturally and last longer.” These bags possess a membrane that keeps the right amount of oxygen in while allowing carbon dioxide out! This mean the vegetables are breathing slower to keep them flavorful, bright and crisp.

We couldn't be more excited that this now applies to their Cauliflower – and how it is so conveniently Riced! It's been washed, prepped and is now ready for adding to your next meal. Mmmmm .... what will you try first?


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