We know that proper hydration is extremely important to our health. In fact, the common recommendation is eight 8-ounce glasses, but there are more tasty ways to supplement your daily hydration rituals. To cool off this sticky and sweaty summer, don’t just rely on the nearest watering hole. The following hydrating fruits can hydrate and power-snack you through any of your outdoor endeavors.


Water content: 90-99%

Probably the least surprising natural hydrator of our list, munch down as many slices of watermelon because this melon contains very few calories. Look for our favorite watermelons from Melon 1 - in stores now!


Water content: 80 - 89%

No wonder they pass these out after marathons! Juice fresh oranges (no sugar needed) for an extra boost of hydration. These juicy fruits are also easy to add to your diet. Just add to a smoothie, salad, yogurt, eat as a snack, or even enjoy them frozen!


Water content: 90-99%

Eating these off the vine is a unique treat, but if you have to buy from the grocery store add a few extra to your salad or sandwich.


Water content: 90-99%

Most of a strawberry’s weight comes from water, so cut some up and incorporate them into a salad, wrap, or a smoothie. Make sure you look for Florida Strawberry Grower's Association when in season November through March!


Water content: 80-89%

Make a big batch of pineapple coconut water smoothies for a super refreshing and hydrating drink!

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  1. I love water melon but can’t find good ones here i know they are not farm star water melons

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